7 Weight Loss Myths

Misconceptions about weight loss…

  • You need to starve yourself.
  • It’s impossible to lose weight in menopause.
  • You need to lose 2-3 pounds per week consistently.
  • You need to cut out certain foods.
  • You need to exercise an hour a day.
  • You can’t eat out or go to social events.
  • You must not stop dieting until you’ve hit your weight goal.

Let’s flip the script on that…

  • You can feel full while still in a calorie deficit by ‘volume eating’ the correct foods.
  • Weight loss, even in menopause is totally possible – it may take a different mindset with more patience & consistency.
  • Weight loss is NOT linear & 1/2-1 lb weight loss/week is sustainable & excellent progress.
  • ALL foods are acceptable in your plan (just not ALL the time).
  • Moderate exercise & general movement is recommended.
  • You can learn to eat in restaurants & navigate social events & still stay in a calorie deficit.
  • Taking a diet break is helpful & often needed to keep your sanity & avoid metabolic adaptation (where your metabolism slows down).
  • Slowly changing your habits is better than ‘going on a diet’ for sustainable weight loss.

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