Tiny Tips to Manage Your Weight Thru Menopause

Set the bar low.

I know this sounds like ridiculous advice from a coach.

But, if you make a small promise to yourself & keep it, you’re more likely to continue to make & keep promises to yourself.

Starting small & working up to bigger promises is how you build integrity with yourself.

It’s how you accomplish the big things.

As far as your health goes, here are 30 micro changes you could make that, if implemented consistently over the next year, would completely transform your life.

Weight loss & management is not magical or rocket science.

It’s the consistent application of tiny habits.

Start with ONE habit, then once you have a handle on it, add another.

My client Diane, lost 50+lbs by cutting the sugar in her coffee. This lead to other changes because she started small.

What habit change will you start with?