Is Cardio the Best Fat Loss Exercise for Women 40+?

Should you do ‘cardio’ to burn fat?

The short answer is ‘No!’. And here’s why:

-Steady state cardio is one of the least effective fat burning methods
-Time consuming
-Increases lower body repetitive use injuries
-Doesn’t address the core or upper body muscles
-Boring (my bias!)
-Causes frustrations when results don’t come
Instead of doing cardio exclusively, add some resistance training as a more effective fat burning method.
-Takes less time
-Addresses more muscle groups
-Increases muscular strength & functionality
-Gives your body sexy shape
-Increases metabolism
-When done properly, this method continues to burn calories long after your SHORT workout is done

Look, ANY kind of exercise is GREAT, but if your goals aren’t being met, it’s time to review what you’re doing.

I can help you determine what exercise is right for you to meet your goals, let’s talk: