Should I Have a Shake After My Workout?

Your first priority is to start exercising on the regular, after which time, you’ll want to optimize your results with your post workout nutrition.

You’ll want protein to help repair & rebuild muscle.

Remarkably, you’ll want some carbs too. Whenever you ingest carbohydrate, your body responds by producing insulin. Typically, I suggest that we control insulin spikes since fat loss is less likely to occur in the presence of insulin. However, a spike in insulin is desired after a workout. Cell membranes are permeable and insulin can carry much needed energy and building blocks for recovery and repair/rebuilding of muscle.

A ‘shake’ is desirable because it will digest quickly. Avoid fats/fiber in your shake because it slows down digestion.

There’s no ‘perfect time’ or anabolic window for your shake, just have one when it works for you.

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