Lose Weight While Feeling Full?

No brainer way to lose weight while feeling full?

Eat lots of protein & here’s why:

🍗It’s harder to overeat on protein compared to carbs & fat (that seem to go down a lot quicker).

🍖Protein is more satiating.

🥚Protein helps control blood sugar so you won’t feel a surge of energy & then a crash.

🍣Protein will help build & repair lean muscle.

🍤Eating more protein doesn’t mean that you’ll build more muscle – but it will help support muscle growth if you’re doing the right exercise – hint: resistance training!

👉🏻Protein is 4 calories per gram (fat is 9 cals/g, carbs are 4 cals/g).

❌I’m NOT an advocate of idolizing one macro-nutrient – we need all three macros: carbs, fat & protein, but protein is your best friend whether you want to lose weight, maintain or even gain weight.

FYI: Eating a minimum 1g protein per pound of body weight has helped me maintain my weight since high school.

👉🏻If you’d like more direction on ideal nutrition, exercise & other small changes you can easily make, you’ll find a ton of answers in my book ‘Lose Your Menopause Belly’