How to Survive Summer BBQ’s

Life is always throwing potential ‘set backs’ in the way of your nutrition progress.
Don’t miss out on fun opportunities just because you feel you may fall off the nutrition wagon. Here are a few strategies to cope with summer BBQ season (or ANY social event):

🥩🥦Bring your own healthy option when possible – this is perfect for BYOB and potluck gatherings.

🍏Eat something BEFORE you go the event so you’re not famished when you arrive.

👯‍♀️Focus on the friends/family not the food, park yourself AWAY from the most tempting foods.

💦Stay hydrated with sparkling water and limit alcohol (which will increase your caloric intake & lower your defenses).

🤔Remember that YOUR feelings are just as important as your host, don’t feel obligated to eat food you don’t want to make them feel better. Be gracious and kind in declining food offerings that don’t align with your goals.

🤥Fib – If you must, when offered food you don’t want, be grateful for the food option and say ‘I’ll try that soon’ or ‘I just had some – very good, thank you!’.

Remarkably, managing your nutrition is NOT just about food. If you need more strategies to get on top of your health, watch this video🎥: