Cardio or Resistance Training for Best Fat Loss?

This is a common question BUT can we just be clear that NEITHER will be very effective if you don’t have your nutrition & lifestyle dialled in.

So, before we even discuss this question, let’s:
->Fill up on lean proteins, veggies, complex carbs
->SLEEP more
->Reduce STRESS
->Lose the liquid calories
->Skip the processed foods
->Be GOOD to yourself with positive self talk

If your lifestyle is dialed in, then let’s talk about the most effective exercise.

But first, more questions…

->What are your goals?
->What is your preference?

The BEST fitness plan is the one you DO so it’s best if you enjoy what you’re doing!

Aerobic exercise burns calories, increases blood flow & oxygen to your muscles & brain. It’s good for recovery from intense activity & getting rid of brain fog. Cardio will NOT increase your muscle size. You’ll need to pick up the weights for muscle tone/definition.

Resistance training will help build shapely muscle which is metabolically active. The MORE muscle you have, the MORE calories you’ll burn – even at rest.

Guess what?

Endorphins (feel good hormones) are released when doing any exercise. This helps lower stress & improve mood. So…do what suits you, but DO SOMETHING…

My suggestion is to MIX IT UP, do a bit of both…Your body will respond best when you change up your workouts.

What’s YOUR preference? What do YOU do for fat loss? I’d love to hear.

Oh, by the way, if you’d like all of my best fitness programming of video follow along workouts, I’m giving them away at NO charge for anyone that coaches with me and my team. FYI: my workouts incorporate BOTH ‘cardio’ AND ‘resistance training’ in workouts you can do at home with NO equipment that you can do at home in under 20 minutes.

I gotchu you covered if you want to address both your nutrition and fitness. Start with this questionnaire and let’s get talking!