Food Tracking…Why Bother?

Are you tired of dieting?

If I suggested tracking the food you eat, why would you even bother?

Well, studies show that food tracking is one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

I started food tracking in 1986 when I did my first physique competition. While the nutrition plan back then was ‘low fat’ and I wouldn’t repeat that protocol, the one thing that ensured my success was food tracking.

Here are ‘before/after’ photos of me, 33 years and two babies apart:

I’ll tell you that one of the reasons I’ve been able to maintain a healthy weight is from the lessons I learned from food tracking.

-top of mind awareness
-intentional eating
-awareness of intake
-connecting the dots between intake and results
-natural accountability
-education about food
-flexible dieting
-food freedom

-takes time
-takes planning

If you want results, start food tracking…

If you a quantum leap in your results, dial in the quantity of food you eat with some coaching…Getting a personalized plan is like driving to your destination with a map. You’ll avoid a lot of unnecessary detours and delays.


One way to do this is to get a personalized nutrition plan.


I can do this for you, just pop me an email ( and we’ll get the conversation started about how this looks. I’ll need to collect some info from you in order to create your plan. Please don’t fall for online calculators of what your nutrition needs are – an equation without human input is not accurate.

Happy food tracking!