How To Overcome Temptation

💥Battle of the JuJube 🍬

✳️Why Will Power Will ALWAYS FAIL and a Better Alternative✳️

How it all started (I blame my good friend and client Lori O 😈)

Watch the video as I go through the following stages…

1. The retreat ➡️ Willpower strong! 💪🏻
2. The trick ➡️ Diminishing will power 📉
3. The fall ➡️ Willpower FAIL
4. The spin ➡️ CRAVINGS! 😋
5. The power play ➡️ Willpower victory 🏆
6. The secret ➡️ Change your ENVIRONMENT

We can NEVER rely on willpower – it will ALWAYS give in at some point…

The solution?

1. Recognize your weaknesses.

2. Find a work around – changing the environment is one of the easiest ways to avoid temptation…

3. Be accountable to someone.

Count your wins.

How do YOU deal with temptation?

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