‘Kinda’ is a Killer ☠️

If you ‘kinda’ commit to your goals, you’ll ‘kinda’ get results 😐
Look, you’re going to get results no matter what, why not get the results you really want?
Here are 3 ‘simple’ strategies to guaranteed success:
1. Identify what you want – Oddly many people have undefined goals. If you have no destination, even the best road map will not get you where you want to go.
2. Make a plan – This sounds so simple, but many people neglect this step and just hope for the best.
3. Execute the plan – Are you doing the same thing and expecting different results? Surprisingly, this is another common behavior.
The idea of reaching goals is simplistic but the reality and execution is difficult when you do it alone. That’s why there’s this bonus step:
💥Get support along the way💥
Find someone who’s ‘been there done that’ who can hold your hand along the way.
If you’re struggling on your fitness journey, I can help.
In the spirit of full disclosure, I wanted to share what coaching looks like from the inside.
Here’s a sample follow up email (edited to keep anonymity):
Great talking as always.
I’m so very proud of you for sticking to your plan and not gaining an OUNCE on your holiday. The BEST part was that you enjoyed yourself, felt energized and didn’t feel deprived.
So often we want to indulge, but then this kills our energy to do the things we plan to do on holiday.
Okay, back to our plan now!
Get back in the habit of logging into My Fitness Pal. You’ve really caught on to some of the tricks so you know this isn’t an arduous task.
We’ll stick to previous macros until we talk again because it’s difficult to tweak them if I don’t know what you’ve been doing.
Keep within this range:
carbs: xxx g (xxx calories)
fats: xxx g (xxx calories)
protein: xxx g (xxx calories)
Refer to the meal suggestions provided or if you need more. Remember, you can swap out one or two of the egg yolks in favor of avocado at breakfast.
Also, make sure to make note of biofeedback: MNW as well as general energy levels and sleep quality each day.
*This should only take about 30 seconds but is valuable in determining what’s working.
If the scale isn’t moving but you’re feeling fantastic and your clothes are feeling better, we’re on the right track.
Focus on the non-scale victories – when we are winning here, the scale will also show a win over time.
Continue to go to bed earlier and drink water – these are very helpful to keep you hydrated and rested. Also, casein protein is a good before bed choice because it’s slow digesting. This will manage blood sugar over night and will help prevent sleep disruptions.
You’re making headway!
Remember, we’re playing the LONG game here – while you won’t have QUICK weight loss, you WILL drop pounds and you’ll gain the education you need to keep the weight off.
Our next call is at xxx. Stay in touch, don’t forget to text me daily!
We’re deep diving into what SPECIFICALLY works for this person.
Everyone is different and if you’ve plateaued or can’t figure out what to do next with your fitness/nutrition, if you have not fitness plan (or tired of what you’ve been doing) or if you’re tired of meal templates or fad diets, simply rethink how you’re doing things.
Why not become the expert in YOU? Why not learn exactly what and how much you should be doing for exercise and eating?
I’ll help you connect the dots between your behavior, foods ingested and lifestyle to help you get the results you actually want. We’ll make small tweaks so that you not only get the results, you CONTINUE to get results even after we’re done working together.
Looking forward to getting more than ‘kinda’ results with you!