Ways I Let My Mom Down…How It Applies to YOU

Have you ever let anyone down?
Especially someone close to you?
Me too…
Sorry for the emotion in this video, but I feel very strongly about my mission to help YOU improve your health.

 You see, my Mom passed away 4 years ago. She struggled with many things related to menopause. I let her down…
I came to realize this after her passing and this is what put a fire under me to help other women like you so you don’t suffer similarly. No one should suffer the way my Mom did and no one should lose their mom prematurely like our family did.
Sometimes when you’re close to a situation, you really can’t see the forest for the trees.
This is the first way I let my Mom down. I only saw her as my ‘Mom’ and not as clearly as I might a client. I didn’t connect the dots of her health issues to provide solutions.
We Need to Connect the Dots…
My clients and I do this constantly. Connecting the dots for YOU allows us to find tiny tweaks to your lifestyle so that you make easy and manageable changes over time to improve your health long term.
Helping YOU see the bigger issues related to your health and wellness, enables you to embrace these personalized solutions.
I wish I had connected the dots more for my Mom…
Look, you can buy a fitness DVD, go to You Tube, buy a magazine with fitness and nutrition articles all day long…
How has that worked for you in the past? It didn’t work for my Mom.
You Need Support and Accountability…
I realize now that the solutions I offered my Mom, and the ones YOU find in isolation only work for a handful of people.
What’s been YOUR experience?
Honestly, I realize now that there are some clients that have not found success with even my most successful transformation program, My Bikini Belly.
It’s not a flaw in the program so much as a flaw in the delivery.
My Mom couldn’t go it alone and I’ll bet that YOU might struggle with the isolation of following a nutrition or fitness plan alone is difficult too. Even a program with follow along videos is not enough.
The KEY to my most successful transformation clients has been the hand holding, direction and motivation that comes along with a coach and the fitness and nutrition plan.
I wasn’t the coach I could have been with my Mom. I could have offered more support to her on her fitness journey.
While I can’t beat myself up for not helping my Mom in the ways I would have liked to (and most of these revelations have come through grief and reflection), I have a better understanding of what’s truly needed for you to transform your health.
Building a Better Mouse Trap?
When I first got into online coaching, I thought it was enough to provide the tools: the fitness plan, a better fitness plan, a follow along fitness plan, a nutrition plan, a ‘done for you’ nutrition plan, a better ‘done for you’ nutrition plan…do you see where I’m going with this?
While I can constantly improve my offerings to you, the place I let my Mom down and possibly let YOU down is in the delivery of the programs.
Most people can’t go it alone. My Mom couldn’t. She did her best, but (possibly) like you, she always ‘drifted’ back to her old ways. Lasting change never took place for her.
So, instead of actually ‘building a better program’, the delivery needs to be different.
In 2018, I’ve made a change in how I want to help YOU.
I want you to experience profound and lasting health upgrades. To do that, I want you to have all of my programs you need to make that happen, in fact, I want to GIVE them to you.
Through much thought, testing and experience, I’ve discovered that the most effective way to help you is through coaching. You’ll have free access to all of my programs as well as the support and motivation you need to apply the principles in them consistently.
If you’re ready to take your health to the next level, I’m here for you.
I just celebrated another birthday without my Mom by me, and so to honor her, I’m deeply discounting my coaching to the first 10 women who fill in this questionnaire: http://lifestyle.shawna247.com/
Let’s be done with excuses to put off taking care of yourself.
What do you need to think about? Haven’t you been thinking about getting in shape for years?
Let’s take action to get the results you deserve.