Healthy Nutrition Changes for YOU & Your Family

Are you working at eating healthier but your spouse or family is pushing back?

Here’s how you can handle it:

1️⃣Make small changes.
✅Introduce new food items slowly.

✅Let your family have some choices so they feel part of the transition.

Begin swapping out unhealthy snacks, for example:
✅Replace unhealthy protein bars for ones that have whole ingredients. My favorite is RX bars.

✅Add carrot sticks or pea pods for ‘chips’ at lunch.

2️⃣Communicate as a couple or family around changes in dietary habits.
✅Discuss what you want to try for dinner during the week, provide options of what to cook.

✅Ask the family what they would like for dinner, ‘This recipe or that?’

✅Find a healthy recipe for the requests.

✅Ask what foods your family would be willing to experiment with.

3️⃣How to continue eating well and stay on nutrition plan while traveling frequently…

✅Plan in advance.

✅Eat dishes when you go out that you don’t have access to at home, like wild caught fish or seafood.

✅Make sure you bring healthy snacks like: Beef jerky, hard-boiled eggs, raw nuts, protein bars, fresh fruit (clementines are a great traveling fruit)

The BEST way to encourage others in your family to want to adopt healthy eating is to be a great example. It’s important that you choose the RIGHT sort of plan that is easy to implement, you aren’t starving on and will provide you energy and variety. Obvi if your family sees you suffering they will NOT be onboard!

If you need support on how to manage YOUR nutrition so that there isn’t a mutiny in your family, reach out. Fill in this questionnaire and let’s get the conversation going as to how I can help.