Success Story – Cheryl Sherwood

I’d like to present this amazing, strong woman, Cheryl Sherwood. Take a read of her inspiring fitness journey…

My name is Cheryl, I’m 51 and I’m the wife of an amazingly supportive husband, #1 fan of the Calgary Police Pipe Band, Mother to 2 great kids (Ethan & Chloe), a Calgary Stampede Showrider Mom, a Scottish Highland Dance Mom, a Junior Dino’s Baseball team Mom, a Colleague, Manager, and Mentor within my TransCanada work family, and a great friend/aunt/sister to many people I cherish in my life…who loves to spend time outside…particularly on the ski hill and on our boat in Idaho USA.

Having very active teenagers, and a husband that cycles to the YMCA to swim and then go to work everyday, I was finding myself sitting around a lot ‘watching’ them be active while I became more and more passive…
Turning 50 made me re-think my lifestyle choices: who I wanted to be from a health perspective, and who I was… weren’t matching. I didn’t want to ‘watch’ life go by, I wanted to participate more in it. It was time to take control!

When I turned 40, I joined the Running Room and trained to do a 10K race….besides that I have done no forms of weight loss programs or exercise programs….

Although I officially joined Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp on Mothers Day 2017, as a GIFT to myself, I prefer to say I REALLY joined September 1, 2017, as this is when I REALLY committed myself to a change in lifestyle and feeling better.
Calgary NW FBBC was THE BEST decision/gift I ever gave myself. It was life changing in so many positive ways…….

I have lost the following since starting at Calgary NW FBBC:
-Weight DOWN (15+lbs) (10lbs with the 6 week challenge alone)
-Inches lost DOWN (8-9 inches) (4-5” with 6 week challenge alone)
-Pant size DOWN (from a 8-10 to a size 6-8)
-Body Fat DOWN (from 39.7% to 35.8%)
-Skeletal muscle UP (from 24.8% to 27.2%)
-BMI DOWN (originally 26.8 to 25.4 overweight to 24.6 normal – 1st time in 10+ years: these results are from the 6 week challenge alone)
** These Numbers don’t lie 😉

Gains since joining Calgary NW FBBC:
• Energy (the sky is the limit)
• Strength (I feel less flabby and more toned)
• Confidence (in my own personal physical abilities – to try new things)
• Ability to make better decisions (food choices in particular…..when/what/how much etc)
• Sense of Community (Our FBBC family is supportive/ accepting/ uplifting/ motivating/ inspiring/ forgiving – you are NEVER alone)
• Accountability (Taking charge of the life and lifestyle I WANT to have today, and in 30 years — thank you Wendy)
• Better Strategy for Making Change (1 small change at a time is all it takes… slow and steady… it’s a journey not a destination)
• Perfection doesn’t exist – Tailor the information to fit your lifesyle…..Be prepared with a plan for WHEN you ‘fall off the wagon’ (as everyone will) ….for a meal/a day/a week GET BACK ON and stay the course….don’t give up!
• Last week…….I skied BLACK DIAMOND runs at Sunshine – that I would NEVER have even tried before
• Last month…..I tried snowshoeing for the 1st time since I was a teenager – and LOVED it (that I wouldn’t have felt strong enough to do before)
• Yesterday……I just bought a new road bike – to join my husband on weekend rides (that I would never have felt capable of doing before)

When I was 40, I did a random 6 week outdoor boot camp class with Shawna K. up in Silver Springs….so when I looked up the Calgary NW FBBC site and saw she was the owner/trainer I felt VERY confident that I was investing in something ‘good’.

The coaches and support staff are the REAL difference for me personally… They are all unique in their styles which I love… But they are ALL so inspiring, motivating, positive, encouraging, inclusive and constantly picking you up and pushing you to do MORE…

The affirmations and acknowledgment of small successes that THEY notice and compliment you on are the game changers for me! Their intimate knowledge and experience training women in their 50’s, gives me 100% confidence that my ‘health’ is in GREAT hands.

Their personal commitment to MY health, safety and lifestyle (in and outside the gym) is like nothing I’ve ever experienced…and I’m so grateful I had the courage to walk into those Calgary NW FBBC doors.

We sure are happy she walked through our doors! She’s an inspiration to us all!

If you’re local to Calgary, reach out to me directly here: 587-355-8353 or come in for a test drive by signing up here.