How to Kill Sugar Cravings

How to kill sugar cravings…

Sugar hits the same receptors in your brain as cocaine, so when you say you may be addicted to sugar, it’s no joke, you really are!

It’s difficult to get off the sugar wagon but here are a few tips:

‘Notice what you’re noticing’ regarding sugar – when are you eating it? why? what’s triggering you to eat sugar? Can you address these issues?

 Find out your ‘why’ – Why do you want to be healthy in the first place? When sugar cravings hit, think of your why.

 Employ the 10 minute rule – when you crave sugar, set your iPhone timer for 10 minutes, think of your ‘why’, if at the end of 10 minutes you still REALLY want to give in, then go for it – more often than not you will walk away

 Eat sweet crave sweet -> any reduction in intake will reduce cravings

 Eat more protein to reduce blood sugar swings

 Low blood sugar will increase cravings because your body will crave the thing that will immediately increase insulin the fastest (sugar)

 Replace sugary treats with fruit – this includes fructose but there is more nutritional value and fruit is ‘less’ sweet and will help reduce cravings

Reduce the use of artificial sweeteners that can be 600x sweeter than sugar, so even tho there are no calories in them, your body continues to crave sweet and can even have an insulin response with use

Just say NO – get rid of sugary things in the house – don’t rely on will power to curb your cravings, you will cave when you’re tired, so change behaviour around sweet foods (like stop buying them)

When craving sugar, go for a walk, fresh air and Vit D will help energize you – I take my dogs for a walk every day I can after lunch so I stop eating and don’t reach for something sweet

Have a cuppa tea (caffeine free after noon hour or if before bed)

Brush your teeth after dinner to remind yourself that you’re done eating for the day

Chew sugar free gum

Get a coach to build you a program specifically for you that will reduce cravings and address any other reasons you’re reaching for sweets.

💥Let’s get the conversation going. What would it be like to have a coach? Answer these questions and then let’s get on the phone:

Remember that you can’t lose fat in the presence of insulin – it stimulates the sympathetic ‘rest and digest’ nervous system so it will shuttle any excess energy off for storage

Here’s some tough love…At the end of the day, no one has a gun to your head to eat sugar, become more aware of your intake.