Low Energy Day? What to Do…

Look, it’s not realistic to think that we can leap over tall buildings every day, there are going to be those days when you’re dragging your behind a little.
When I get tired or overwhelmed, I used to tend to beat myself up for silly things, but no more!

Here are my strategies to cope with low energy days without getting down on myself…
Understand that it’s just a day – I’m not going to go down a rabbit hole of ‘I’m not good enough’. I’ll cut myself some slack and tell myself that it’s temporary.
Choose easier tasks to conquer. A low energy day is not the time to take on a new challenge be it physical or mental.
I tend to do ‘busy work’ on days where my mental or physical state isn’t top notch. I mean how challenging is laundry or bill paying? Not so much, these things need to get done and I’d rather save my most energy for the creative tasks that I need to undertake.
Stay on the nutrition wagon – low energy could be a sign that my nutrition isn’t on track so now isn’t a time to find the bottom of a bag of Miss Vicki’s chips or a tub of ice cream.
Schedule in more rest – often for me, low energy is a good sign that I need more sleep – easy fix right? I’ll plan on getting to bed 30 min earlier to read (and most likely I’ll just fall asleep with my book on my head).
Check my training schedule, maybe I’m doing too much. Yesterday I trained at 3 pm and today I trained at 6 am, typically I need a bit longer recovery time – there’s a reason to be dragging in energy right there.
Count blessings – I hate to be all Mary Sunshine, but this is the only way for me. I only have ‘good’ and ‘great’ days. I have so much to be thankful for, the more I focus on the good, the more I see (and vice versa, so I tend not to focus on the negative).
Be of service to others – Helping others energizes me or simply makes me feel good so it’s a good time to reach out to help someone else.
I want to be fully transparent so that you know that it’s normal to have those low energy days BUT, if they persist longer than the occasional one or you have a string of them, it’s worthwhile investigating further.
For example, in the dead of winter this year, I was feeling a bit down for a while so I decided to try a ‘Happy LIght’ because I thot I might suffer from seasonal affective disorder – and bingo! I started feeling better right away. Had I not had such an easy to implement strategy to try, I would have gone to my doctor.
So, hang in there on those low energy days, go easy on yourself, rest up, tomorrow is a new day!
Ps. If you need some support navigating your health journey and want to increase your energy overall, I’m here for you! Let’s get the conversation going here: https://tinyurl.com/y8boz9gd