Success Story – Sharon Craik

💥I wanted to celebrate our newest Client of the Month at Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp – Sharon Craik 💥

Sharon is a bright and shining star, such an amazing woman who inspires us to work as hard as she does and makes us smile everyday! 💙

Here’s her story:

My name is Sharon and I am 57 years old, happily married to my soul mate Kevin and foster mother to a dog named Diego. I have recently retired after 35 years of Information Management work for Shell Canada Limited.

😞I was tired of battling my weight with just diet and decided to try to find an exercise program that I could stick with. My energy level was low and my motivation was almost non-existent.

When I was working, I had access to a gym but didn’t like to work out alone. The classes that were being offered were only twice a week, and it wasn’t enough. We have a nice home gym too, but I was just too tired after work to make use of it.

I Googled “Fitness and Northwest Calgary” and found an advertisement for the Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp. This program was being offered down at the Calgary West Soccer Dome and thought I would give it a try.

It was really convenient in that I could work out and then just go to work. I signed up for the 5:30 am class thinking that if I jump out of bed and workout, I may have enough energy to get through the class. It turns out that this was the best decision I could make.

I have tried Lori Shea (a diet and exercise program from back in the 1980’s), Hilton Head Metabolism Diet (from the 1990’s), Running, Soccer, Aerobics, Pilates, Spinning, Yoga, Weight Training, Jenny Craig (2008-2013). I have also tried various machines including a stair master climber, treadmills, elliptical machines, rowers and stationery bikes.

I have been coming to Calgary NW FBBC for three years (started off with the Six Week Challenge) and liked it so much I bought a membership. 😍

The first year was at the Soccer Dome in Bowness/Tuscany and the workouts were varied – offering the right mix of challenges where I was always kept engaged and was able to recover properly without getting burned out.

The coaches were so helpful and only wanted to make you want to try your best to reach your goals.

My classmates were so helpful and friendly! 🙏🏻

Right from the beginning they would take you under their wing and correct your form so to keep you from hurting yourself – both coaches AND classmates! Even though I was stiff and sore, I wanted to go five days a week.

It is admirable how many of my classmates have become coaches at our studio!

When I started at Calgary NW FBBC, I weighed 163 pounds and a size 12/14. I now weigh 140 (or so) and am size 6/8.

Even my feet are smaller. I went from a size 8 to a 7.5. My BMI is also down from 27 to 25, which makes my Doctor happy. 😀

I have gained confidence to try new things. 👊🏻

As a group, we have activities almost monthly where we go skating and hiking, which are so much fun. 🏹🗻🔨

Last summer we participated in the “Rugged Maniac” 5KM Obstacle Course. It was the most gratifying experience that everyone was able to do something so far out of all of our comfort zones and have such a great time. This is something I would never have had the strength and agility to do before coming to Calgary NW FBBC.

Friendships are another thing that I have gained and I have to admit that some days I can hardly wait to get to fitness to talk to people and share a laugh or two about our workout or just life in general.

Also, I can now do at least 10 pushups from my toes (goal from last year) and vow to be able to do pullups by Christmas 2018! 💪🏻

Not only have I been able to get into better shape, but it is time to myself that I do for me. No phone, no laptop, no TV; just quality time with my fit family and coaches.

If you’re local to Calgary, reach out to me directly here: 587-355-8353 or come in for a test drive by signing up here.