Traveling? Pack These Foods…

Heading to the airport to catch a flight? Or maybe you have a long car ride ahead?

You’re bound to be traveling during meal time and there’s no need to cave into to Cinna-bon when you’re prepared.

With PLANNING and PREPARATIONS you can be the one in control, not Dunkin’ Donuts.

So how do you make wise choices?

===> Before you travel, think about:

• how many days you will be gone
• how many meals you will be eating
• how many people will you be preparing for (spouse, children, friends, etc)

Then pack accordingly.

What are some good traveling snacks/meals?

1.) Raw nuts with some dried berries in a plastic bag. Simply measure out each serving and put into a baggie depending on how many days you need a snack.

2.) Oatmeal with individually measured protein powder in each one.

3.) There are some tasty soups with minimal preservatives. All you need is to add hot water, & you’ll have yourself a small meal.

4.) High-quality protein bar (check the label, keep carbs low, some can be just a glorified chocolate bar).

5.) Packed hard-boiled eggs.

6.) Raw veggies such as – celery, baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, or snap peas.

7.) Make a dish that packs well for traveling. For example, make an egg frittata, cut into eight slices, divide each slice into a baggie. This could provide a healthy lunch with raw veggies for a few days.  *Ensure you have a fridge at your destination.

These things can be stored in a cooler and believe it or not, they pass through security.

Another amazing option is frozen meals!

These WILL pass through the airport security. However, one thing to know, the meal and ice pack (one that is frozen water, not gel) need to be frozen. These can be easily ordered on Amazon or purchased at a local stores.

===> Warning:
Liquids are not permitted through security, for example yogurt or cottage cheese are tricky to get through security. I learned the hard way and had some of my food taken at security (although if you are traveling by car you won’t need to worry about this).

One last thing…remember your disposable silverware. On more than one occasion I’ve fashioned a spoon for oatmeal out of the end of my toothbrush 😉

===> Now, when it comes to eating out at restaurants, do your best to stick with your plan.

However, if vacationing, possibly allow yourself a choice of either an alcoholic beverage, a refined carbohydrate, or dessert.

Having a plan and following through with it is the number one thing will keep you on track.

Having a coach to provide a plan is a game changer. Let me know if I can get you on the path to better health. Just pop me an email to