To Have What You Want -> Do What You’ve Never Done

Confession: I don’t know it all….

In fact, I’m a work in progess, just like you are.

As I write this, I’ll be entering my very first power lifting competition next week. I decided about 5 weeks ago to join both my kids in our first attempt at power lifting. My son, Sam decided to enter first and he encouraged my daughter, Hannah. She is an Olympic lifter but power lifting is an entirely different ball game.

Since I feel like my kids are the coolest on the block, I wanted to be part of the club so when they asked if I wanted to join them, of course the answer was: YES!

Now to be clear, I’ve been resistance training pretty much all my life. I started in the weight room as a child at about the age of 10. My workouts there were to support my competitive swimming efforts. No matter what sport I found myself, I’ve always ended up doing resistance training in some way, shape or form.

So, the prospect of doing three simple lifts for this competition should be do big deal, right?


The bench press (with a pause), the squat and the dead lift seem like totally new moves to me when required to do them competition style.

So what did we do? Of course we hired a coach.

With only 6 weeks to the competition, we needed to compress time to get the most benefit in the fewest workouts without risking injury.

Why am I telling you this?

Because no matter where you are in your fitness journey, a coach will get you further.

It’s a humbling experience, but it’s also very comforting to know that my coach has my back and is looking out for me. My coach has been there before. I can count on him to get me the best results possible.

In addition, I have a business coach and I recently signed on for a new coaching group that’s VERY expensive.

Guess what? The pain of watching that money go out of my account spurs me onto action. The investment I made is well worth it because it lights a fire under my butt to pay attention.

When I pay, I ‘pay attention’ (and the same probably goes for you). I mean, how often have you received ‘free’ advice that you haven’t applied or you’ll take action on later? I’ve made that mistake before.

If you want to have something you’ve never had before, you need to do something you’ve never done before.

For me, that’s looking to a coach that’s been there, done that. I will always opt to ‘buy speed’ to give me the best chance of success. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel where so many things are concerned.

Here’s how I ensured I was making the right choice with my coaches:

  • I’ve done my due diligence to check on them prior to investing my time and money with them.
  • My coaches have had success with others just like me before.
  • They walk their talk.
  • I resonate with their coaching style.

I’m excited for my results. I KNOW I will be more successful with my coaches behind me.

The same will go for you. If you’re looking for someone in your corner, I’ve got your back. Let me help you improve your lifestyle through nutrition, workouts and simple hacks that take a LOT less effort than you think. Let me collapse time to get you the results fast.

Let’s get on the phone and decide how I can help you best. Simply set up a call here.


PS. My coach helped me smash that first event. I lifted in the 100% Raw Federation which is fully drug tested (I got to pee in a cup!) and no supportive gear is allowed. In that federation, I broke a Canadian National record in the squat, a world record in the bench press and dead lift and I broke the world record for total lifts – all in my age and weight category (age 50-54, 53kg). To sum it up, hiring that coach made all the difference for me!