Bloated? Simple Remedies…

Feeling bloated? Please welcome our new team member, nutrition Coach Katie O’Dwyer-Osterhoff as we discuss bloating and some simple remedies…

We all get a little bloated from time to time.

It’s important to connect the dots between bloating and what you’ve eaten. If eating gluten or dairy consistently bloats your belly, you may re-think some of your food choices (we forgot to mention this in the video 🙄)

Coach Katie gives some great PREVENTATIVE measures for bloating:
 drink lots of water
 Including fibrous foods like ground flax seed, spinach
 probiotics (including foods with live cultures like active culture yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut)

Some remedies to try include:
 light activity like a walk outside and fresh air
 getting the blood flowing with light bodyweight squats, jacks, arm circles
 ginger – chew on a slice, add it to water with lemon
 peppermint essential oil in water
 more water (Ha! water is always a healthy answer!)

Pay attention to what causes bloating for you, try to connect the dots as to cause and effect with what you eat and how your body reacts.

 Big thanks to Katie and these solutions, you’ll be seeing her lots on the page.

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