Best Tips to Stay the Weight Loss Course

Where weight loss and body transformation are concerned, staying the course is paramount – but how is it possible to prevent drifting off course?

I have TWO tips for you…

Tip #1 – ‘I Can!’

Henry Ford said ‘Whether you think you can or can’t – you are right‘. If you have the limiting belief that weight loss is not possible, it isn’t.

Check your self talk – do you frequently frame things in the negative? For example, do you find yourself saying thing like:

  • I’ve tried and failed before.
  • I can’t ever seem to lose weight.
  • I always gain back what I lose.
  • Nothing seems to work.

You create a self fulfilling prophesy when you do this. Instead, add TWO WORDS:

  • I’ve tried and failed before UNTIL NOW.
  • I can’t ever seem to lose weight UNTIL NOW.
  • I always gain back what I lose UNTIL NOW.
  • Nothing seems to work UNTIL NOW.

Re-frame your thinking to set yourself up for success and then even re-frame your successes.

This leads me to the next tip…

Tip#2 Celebrate the Small Stuff

Often we make a lofty goal and then neglect to even notice the small wins along the way. It’s the small wins, the baby steps that will move us to the bigger win.

So, if you said ‘no’ to a second helping or dessert. If you got your workout in. If you meal prepped. If you found yourself admiring firm arms instead of berating a flabby belly – any small effort that supports your bigger goal should be noticed and celebrated.

A celebration doesn’t have to be a big event, just an awareness and pat on the back will motivate you to stay the course.

Bonus Tip #3 Get Support

Sometimes outside eyes is what is needed to help you stay the course. Sometimes we’re right in the thick of things and we don’t even notice the baby steps we’ve made.

Getting support and feeling the power of someone who has our back makes all the difference. Studies show that we are 9x more likely to reach our body transformation goals with a coach or a group of others that provide support and accountability.

Consider the 30 Day Healthy Hormone Challenge – Let me guide you through a healthy hormone cleanse and 28 days of meal plans. I’ve created a fabulous group of like-minded women who will support you along the way. I have bonus follow along workouts to speed up your results too.

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