Simple Hack For Long Term Success

The constant repetition of a lesson you’ve learned helps you not only learn the lesson but LIVE it.

You can do this by implementing the simple principle of ACCOUNTABILITY.

Keep checking in with a coach, a group, a belief system (like a church or the Bible or whatever rings true to you) to help you stay the course to your goals.

The road of change is littered with distractions and you will be tempted to drift back to your old habits. The fastest way to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ is to have many touch points with the source of your learning.

For me, I recently went to an event and realized that in order for me to learn more and implement the changes I want, I need to stay close to this new mentor so I bought (an expensive!) year of coaching with her. She will help me learn, live and share the things that will help me help others (which is my passion).

For YOU, I encourage you to do the same.

✳️Find someone or something that helps you stay on track with your goals.

✅Check in often.

➡️Find a way to get closer to the source of your learning so you can buy speed to learn your lessons more quickly.

🏆 Kudos to the women in my 30 Day Healthy Hormone Challenge.

This is an affordable way to implement lasting health changes into your life.

These ladies have committed themselves to following the plan, they’re enjoying it and the plan is working!

Have a look at what Joanne said about her experience so far:

‘I”m surprised to say I’m feeling clear, calm peaceful and not the least bit irritable! I’m not sure what ingredient in the nutrition plan is causing these changes but I’m loving it! Great motivation to stay on track.’

It did present a problem for Donna though 😉:

Help! I need new pants (I think we had this discussion a couple of years ago after one of your challenges)! Down 6.2 lbs after the detox week! Need to learn to buy pants with belt loops. Found my new fav breakfast – granola yogurt parfait!

Now the challenge might be closed, but you can get on the early notification list for when the next challenge opens up. Go here to get early notification.

A challenge like this is the perfect way to help you meet your health goals.

You’ll get nutrition plans, follow along workout videos, and best of all, coaching from me and the group ⬅️This is the best part.

I hope to see you in the next challenge!