Unusual Exercise to Reduce Knee Pain

Knee pain? Here’s a simple at home exercise to solve it (AND shape your 🍑)…

Now most of us are a ‘lazy a$$’ and what I mean by that is that we don’t know how to turn on our gluteus maximus (the big butt muscle). This is partially due to our lifestyle.

When our glutes don’t turn on, we can have referred knee pain. Our knee might not track properly and our knee might roll inwards.

The simple solution is to turn on the glutes with this simple exercise: the glute bridge. Do this in your warm up and/or in your workout.

In addition, inflammatory foods may be causing joint pain.

The solution is to reduce or eliminate some of the triggers which may be sugar, gluten, dairy, artificial stuff like aspartame etc.

Try to connect the dots between what you’re eating and possible joint pain.

Everyone is a little different. An elimination diet for 7 days and then slowly introducing foods back into your diet will help you determine how YOU react to specific foods.

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