Choose Your Change Challenge

Are you either ON your fitness game or OFF? 

Sometimes when we commit to our health we decide to change too much too soon so it’s not possible to maintain the healthy changes we want to make.

My challenge to you is to commit to ONE change this upcoming week…

What ONE thing can you commit to that will improve your health?

Here are some examples:
-drink 8x8oz of water daily
-get to bed by 10 pm
-get up immediately (no hitting snooze)
-do a workout 3x this week
-add a vegetable to every meal
-increase protein to 100g a day
-give yourself 10 min of quiet time/self care daily

Make sure that your change is ACHIEVABLE, MEASURABLE and MEMORABLE.

*If you say I want to ‘eat better’ how will you know when you’ve succeeded? Be specific.

It’s the BABY steps that end up taking us the furthest on this health journey.

We’re all in this together!

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