Where Did My Butt Go?

Surprisingly, many women find that as we age, our belly gets thicker and our butt disappears.

Well, it doesn’t exactly disappear, but it loses the bubble shape and we end up looking a little sausage-like 😳

So, if you want to make your belly look leaner and your muffin top smaller, developing the muscles of the glutes is another way to get your sexy shape back.

The problem is that most of us are a ‘lazy a$$’ 🍑

❌What I mean by this is that we sit so much that our butt muscles forget how to fire (we aren’t really lazy at all!).

❌It’s just difficult to engage muscles that aren’t working.

✳️Two of my favorite exercises to get the glutes engaged include:

➡️the split squat

➡️the glute bridge.

➡️There are the old fashioned donkey kicks and fire hydrants that also hit the buns – but make sure to watch the video to get pointers on how to do them properly.

My good friend and butt shaping expert, Alli Kerr has lots more for you in her program 14 Day Perfect Booty