Why Walking Isn’t Enough

Many women over 40 have mentioned that they are ‘active’ and do a lot of walking.


Don’t stop!

However, walking isn’t enough to help you lose your menopause belly and here’s why…

➡️Walking simply isn’t intense enough to change your body. In order for your body to change, it needs a challenge and (thankfully) walking doesn’t provide that challenge.

➡️Walking is lower body based and will only target the muscles of the lower body. If your hope is to tighten and tone your belly and get shapely arms, walking won’t get you there.

➡️Walking burns a moderate amount of calories while you’re doing it but the calorie burning ends when you stop.

➡️Walking is time consuming. For a 130-pound person, walking briskly at a pace of 3.5 mph burns 160 to 180 calories per hour. For a 200-pound person, a 3.5 mph pace burns about 240 calories per hour. This doesn’t even burn the equivalent amount of calories of your morning coffee and bagel…

➡️Walking doesn’t address sarcopenia which is the degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass, quality, and strength associated with aging. We can experience 1% loss of lean muscle per year after the age of 50 but this can start as early as in your 20’s and walking does nothing to build lean muscle tone. Muscle is what keeps the metabolism firing as we age and puts sexy shape on our body.

➡️Walking doesn’t elevate the heart rate sufficiently to get a cardiovascular effect to develop a healthy heart. Heart disease is one of the most prevalent risks for women over 50.

So, please do NOT stop walking! Simply add short metabolic resistance training exercises in every second day.

The My Bikini Belly workouts will do the trick for you. They are follow along videos with a beginner through advanced fitness model to follow. They are full body exercises and will elevate your metabolism to burn off your menopause belly.

You’ll find them here.