Eat Fat to Lose Fat?

How does one go about losing 120lbs?
Meet my good friend Alexandra Bradford. She is a health researcher and tried everything to lose weight. Then she stumbled upon something called ‘MCT’s’.
Since this discovery, she’s on a mission to share her weight loss success with others so that they can be successful too.
What I love about Alexandra is that she makes NO misleading health claims that promise you the moon. She admits that she’s a ‘work in progress’ like the rest of us.
She says that no ‘ONE thing’ is a magic bullet, but using this secret has given her the edge to help her meet her goals. She’s ENJOYING the process of achieving better health.
In this interview she shares:
The real secret to her weight loss
Why most diets fail
How GMO’s affect weight and health
How to have more energy, better mental clarity and lose weight