Pro Diet Tips

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering going on a ‘diet’…

Pro dieting tip: DO NOT COUNT CALORIES

I mean is this a way of life that you want to maintain forever?
If you want to follow a diet or meal plan use them as guidelines.

Pro dieting tip: You need to LISTEN TO YOUR APPETITE.

If portions seem too much and fill you up, stop eating before you are full. If they seem like they are not enough, wait 10 minutes and if you’re still starving, eat a little more.

Pro dieting tip: The best rule of thumb is to remember this mantra ‘never starving – never stuffed’.

There is NO ONE meal plan that is perfect for everyone – even when it’s personalized by a dietician.

ONLY YOU know if you’re hungry or if you’re satiated.

The whole idea of a meal plan is to give you guidance on healthy eating choices, to give you a ball park on quantity and the rest is up to you to figure based on your hunger levels.

Pro dieting tip: Before eating, go thru this ‘HALTS’ exercise….
H – Am I actually hungry?
A- Am I angry?
L – Am I lonely?
T – Am I tired?
S – Am I stressed?

We eat for all kinds of reasons – we need to determine when we need to fuel our body for energy and not for emotional or social reasons.

Pro dieting tip: Hydration…
Sometimes we are simply thirsty and not actually hungry so make sure that you’re hydrated. Drink water, water and more water.

Do not get caught up in the minor details of the plan. Focus on cutting out the empty calories and fuelling up on nutritionally dense foods.
Rant over 👊🏻😉

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