5 Fitness Mistakes Beginners Make

Are you scared to jump into something new? Me too!

Here are 5 mistakes beginners make when getting into fitness…

 Doing too much too soon – Remember to take it easy when you start a fitness plan.

 Go 50% to start to avoid too much muscle soreness and avoid injury.

Weight loss is the focus/motivation – While losing weight is something many get into fitness for, when you plateau with weight loss, it’s hard to keep going and many will quit.

 Focus on performance with an activity and use your improved skill/fitness level/form etc as a measure of success (in addition to weight loss if that’s also a goal).

Taking the wrong approach – If you’re a beginner, don’t go to a high performance gym. If you have sore knees, don’t start running.

 Consider your fitness background and seek out an activity and culture that resonates with you.

Setting unrealistic expectations – This will lead to disappointment and feelings of failure.

 Set yourself up for success by setting realistic goals. Break bigger goals into smaller ones and get guidance on what reasonable expectations are.

Copying others – Sadly many people may not know what they’re doing where fitness is concerned (sorry, even some trainers lack proper education where women 40+ are concerned). Copying others is like taking someone’s prescription medication and expecting personalized results…

 Find a professional that you trust to help….

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The MOST important thing is that you DO SOMETHING!