Menopause or Thyroid Issues?

Many times women think they are suffering from ‘menopause symptoms’ when in fact they have thyroid issues.

How do you know if your thyroid is working optimally? Can your doctor help?

If you go to your own doctor, often times your doctor will tell you that your levels are ‘normal’ based on the testing that is usually done. You may not ‘feel’ normal and then feel even worse when your doctor tells ‘everything is fine’.

Things might not be fine…and it could easily be solved with a different lab test.

You need to listen to your body and be an advocate of your own health. Here’s a possible solution:

In this video Dr. Alan Hopkins shares innovative ways to monitor our own health. Now in Dr Hopkins defense, he and his wife say he can get technical and boring 😉, but stick with him when he gets wordy, he has a LOT of good info to share.

He provides the opportunity for AFFORDABLE lab tests that can literally save your life.

We discuss how monitoring the thyroid can be helpful in offsetting these symptoms:
-weight gain
-lack of motivation
-hair loss
-and more…

Many women feel they are suffering from MENOPAUSE when they may have thyroid issues.

Dr Hopkins lab tests and analysis can help women over 40 by revealing the facts needed to overcome what might be thyroid issues and not hormonal issues at all.

It’s time to take ownership of our own health, these lab tests can be invaluable.

You’ll find more info here.