4 Stretches to Offset Sitting at Your Desk All Day

If you sit at a desk all day long, no doubt you feel a little stiff and sore. Typically, ‘desk sitters’ experience tight hip and tightness through the chest, shoulders and neck.

Even if you don’t work at a desk, our lifestyle nowadays has most of our shoulders hunched forward from computer work, driving and living on our smart devices.

We sit more than ever so most of us have tight hip flexors and glutes that we don’t know how to engage.

I hate to use the term ‘lazy ass’, but literally that’s what we are – not because we are lazy so much as we just don’t know how to engage our glutes.

In this video, I share 4 simple stretches that you can even do in your office (just close the door, take off your shoes, and hike up your skirt!).

The big benefit of these stretches will be increased mobility, less stiffness, more energy and better mental clarity.  Yes, when your body is more limber you can think more clearly (says me anyways!).

Taking a 10 minute break will relieve stress as well.

Here you go:

Now, while these stretches will relieve soreness, reduce headaches from hunched up shoulders and generally increase mobility, they will NOT give you the body of your dreams.

In order to change the SHAPE of your body, you need to add some sweaty muscle building exercise. Yes, I said MUSCLE building -but don’t be intimidated by this – you can build and tone muscles with just your body weight. The ‘My Bikini Belly’ workouts are a great start.

If you’d like more simple tips on how to change your lifestyle to lose your menopause belly, I actually wrote the book on it 😉 – check that out here.

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