How to Enjoy a Holiday Without Weight Gain

Do you have a holiday planned? I hope so.

Taking a break from your every day life re-energizes you and you deserve it!

No one wants to return from holidays with a few extra pounds.

Right now I’m in Mexico at the most amazing all-inclusive resort on a ‘work function’ (yes it’s a tough life) so I made a little video for you to give you three tips to help you enjoy your holiday without returning from your vacation (or ‘stay-cation’) without any extra baggage.

In a nutshell, here are a few tips:

1- Don’t set yourself up for failure by planning to lose weight on your holiday. It’s unlikely to happen and you won’t feel good about yourself if you even gain an ounce. Work to maintain your weight over your holiday.

2- If you want to enjoy an alcoholic drink, do so in moderation and with this caveat: try to keep the sugar and fat content as low as possible in your drinks. Alcohol is processed differently in your body compared to other macros (protein, carbs or fat) so all fat loss is stalled when you drink.

Since we’ve already established that your goal is weight maintenance, it’s okay to enjoy a few beverages within reason.

Choose club soda or mineral sparkling water as a mix (not tonic water which is basically the same thing as soda water but has sugar in it). You’ll be less likely to pack on the pounds by reducing your sugar and fat intake in your drinks.

Chase any alcoholic drink with a big glass of water to stay hydrated.

3- Enjoy a sweet treat or salty snack by sharing it with a friend. Your holiday is for enjoying but overeating with make you feel bloated and lethargic.

I always choose to share something special so that I get to enjoy the taste without feeling the side effects.

4- Offset any alcoholic beverage or indulgence by including a short 15-20 minute sweat session. It will energize you and burn some extra calories. Below you’ll see a dumbbell jump rope workout that I recently did, but if bodyweight is more your jam, you’ll find fantastic follow along workouts that you can do anywhere here.

Here’s a great workout:


Start with 10 reps of each exercise, then drop 2 reps each set so the next set you’ll do 8 reps of each exercise, then 6, then 4, then 2 reps. If you have any energy or time, count back up to 10 reps of each.

  • Left – DB snatch
  • Left – DB overhead reverse lunge
  • Pull ups (or any back exercise like a stick up, DB row, assisted pull up etc)
  • Right – DB snatch
  • Left – DB overhead reverse lunge
  • 30 jumps (double unders or phantom skips) *keep these reps the same

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