Do You Take Better Care of Your Dog Than Yourself?

Does your dog get better treatment than you?

If you’re a responsible pet owner, luckily for your pet, you probably do all kinds of things to keep him healthy.

You likely provide nutritious food on the regular. You don’t put your dog on a starvation diet and then binge feed him.

You likely ensure that your pet always has fresh water.

And hopefully your dog gets a walk a few times a day or at minimum a few times a week.

I can’t say that all women treat themselves with as much care…

We often feed the family nutritious food but forget to pack our own lunch. We forget to fill our water bottles or drinking water isn’t even on the radar. Many women don’t have time to exercise, even though it only takes 15 minutes a few times a week to work up a good belly fat shrining sweat.

Women are the care givers of the world and we are often the last person to get cared for.

I encourage women to bump themselves up on the priority list. When women take care of themselves, they are more able and energized to care for others easier.

So ladies especially, please give yourself some time for self care.

Your dog is important, and so are you!

Take a lesson from how you care for your pet and apply it to yourself =)

If you need some help – I’m here for you!

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I certainly want you to treat yourself better than your dog, and more so, I want you to get RESULTS.

Working with me will guarantee it.