Lose Your Menopause Belly – Book Launch Party

It almost didn’t happen…

Calgary is known for it’s crazy weather. The day before my book launch party, we enjoyed 25C and it was blue skies and sunshine. The day of the event, temperatures plummeted and it started to snow and blow.

In the midst of a spring sleet/snow storm, I prepared for my first ever book launch anyways. I figured that no one would show up at all. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best as we set up the venue. Then I went home to change and freshen up. I had no power in my house due to an outage so I did my best to dress and beautify in the dark 😉

I was shocked when ladies showed up in droves and I was overwhelmed with feelings of support. We had a lovely time together. Big thanks to the many women that shared their secrets to success on their fitness journey, two of which you’ll see in the video below:


My book: Lose Your Menopause Belly is more about gaining your life back in addition to losing the belly fat that is weighing you down.

My book offers simple and proven strategies to lose the flub and regain your energy and life back.

This is a short video clip of documenting the lovely women who shared and the fun that we had at the launch of my best selling book.

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My mission is to improve the health and shape of one million women. This book is a quick read and a great start to help you start feeling better immediately. I offer simple hacks that won’t have you feeling deprived or depleted as you become the best version of yourself.

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