Motivation is NOT Enough

Don’t blame yourself for losing motivation.


Motivation is over rated and it’s not even close to enough to helping you reach any goal you set for yourself.


Motivation is NOT the problem.


Let me clear something up before we start talking about motivation, or you lack there of…


Where health is concerned, almost EVERYONE is inherently LAZY and if given the preference, we’d all rather take it easy while we having another latte lazing on the couch.


If being honest, not many people pine for the aches and pains that hard exercise brings and most would prefer to have a magic wand waved over them if it would achieve the healthy and aesthetic results that a sweaty workout and eating a clean diet would.


The fact is, those that are consistent with exercise CHOOSE to get uncomfortable to reach their goals. They may not be ‘motivated’, they may not ‘feel’ like it.


They do it anyways.


So what seems like ‘motivation’ really just comes down to a choice.


The person that puts their health first, chooses uncomfortable sweaty workouts and they choose veggies over vino more often than not.


That person will not necessarily wait to be inspired to workout or eat well.


In fact, if you wait for yourself to ‘feel’ like getting healthy, you may just die waiting.


Instead, set yourself up for success by putting safe guards in place.


Here are three success tips:

Tip #1: Use the 5 second rule – This is a concept developed by author Mel Robbins. She suggests that once your instincts tell you to do something, you should 5-4-3-2-1-GO! and just do it. The count down awakens the prefrontal cortex of the brain and it creates a diversion so your brain can’t come up with excuses not to follow through with what your instinct is telling you to do. You can use this rule to pretty much do anything from getting your workout started to walking away from a piece of chocolate cake to asking your boss for a raise and more. (Be sure to read the book by the same title – an excellent read!).

Tip #2: Apply the 10 minute rule – This is a favorite ‘go to’ success tip from one of my fav long term clients, Judy. She says that when she absolutely doesn’t ‘feel’ like training, she’ll tell herself to exercise for ‘just 10 minutes’. By giving herself permission to stop exercising after 10 minutes it’s easier for her to just start. More often than not, once the 10 minute mark comes, she’s well into her workout and she typically will continue on. At the very least, if she still isn’t feeling it, she stops but she’ll have moved her body a little and that’s better than nothing at all.


Bonus tip: Did you know that you’re 42% MORE likely to reach your goals when you for write them down?


Tip #3:  Did you know that ACCOUNTABILITY is the #1 weight loss success factor? Finding support and accountability will make you three times more likely to achieve your goals. Keeping your goals ’TOMA’ or ’top of mind awareness’ will help you stay the course.


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