Are You Action or Entertainment Driven?

It’s easy to get caught up watching TV, You Tube videos or hanging out on social media instead of taking action to improve you health. Even if you’re investigating the latest information on health or fitness – you burn zero calories by watching.

Instead of being an information gatherer, be an action taker.

Apply the healthy tips and tricks you’re seeing on TV and social media instead of just being entertained by them.

Getting healthy takes less time than you think, it’s just a matter of prioritizing and organizing your day to fit in some self care.

Typically, women make time to care for others, but not so much for themselves, sound familiar? How many times have you made a packed lunch for your kids but not for you? Have you driven your kids to a sporting event but not made time for your own fitness?

This is common for the care takers of the world…but it’s time to care for YOU.

Make an appointment with yourself to workout. Schedule a little meal prep time in. Plan some stress relief. Fill up your cup in the ways that are meaningful to you (hopefully that will include some healthy nourishment and movement!).

If you need some assistance in finding a healthy balance, strategies to take care of YOU, direction and accountability to be your best self, let me help.

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