Lunch Time Habit to Increase Energy and Lose Your Menopause Belly

Here’s an easy lunch time tip to increase energy & help you lose your menopause belly.

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Now the big lesson is that small things done daily make a big difference over time.

An easy habit and what Sev and I do daily, is to go for a 20 min walk at lunch time. What this does is:
-increase energy/provide mental clarity
-gives us fresh air and vitamin D
-good for Sev and me to stretch our legs

And most importantly, I stop eating lunch so I don’t over eat.

The 20 minutes walk gives my stomach time to tell my brain that I’m satiated and I don’t crave more food. It takes your brain about 20 minutes to register feeling ‘full’. This is also the reason why you want to eat slowly, when you eat too quickly, your brain doesn’t get the message that you’re full until you’ve already over eaten.

In any case, a 15-20 minute walk after a meal is a good habit to get into. It  burns about 50 calories and saves me from eating an extra 50 or more calories at lunch time.

My goal, on top of my workout, is to be fairly active and get 10K steps daily (I use an iPhone app). This is a very simple metric to help me stay active and accountable.

You see, daily habits add up over time.

For example, if you had the habit of eating a handful of M&M’s a day, that adds up to about144 calories. To burn this off it takes up to an hour of walking. Over the course of a year, this handful of M&M’s adds up to over 52,000 calories. This could cause you to gain 15 lbs of fat if they aren’t burned off.

The daily habit of eating M&M’s adds up to more belly fat and once you become aware of it, you could easily it cut out. Just like a daily habit of a leisurely walk after a meal adds up to less belly fat.

An example of using healthy habits to lose your menopause belly is my client Diane. She stopped putting sugar in her coffee as a daily habit and now has lost over 50lbs. She added other healthy habits over time but it all started with that one habit.

Getting healthy and losing your menopause belly is actually easier than you think.

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