Life Balance for Belly Fat Loss?

Who’da thunk going for coffee with a friend would help with belly fat loss…

Or going to church…

Or leaving work at work….

You see, there’s more to fat loss than just getting in your workouts and healthy nutrition.

While taking care of your health by working out and eating well is paramount, so is taking care of other areas of your life including your relationships, your spirituality (how ever that looks) and keeping your work life in balance.

When other areas are out of whack, you can get stressed out and this can elevate cortisol levels. Cortisol is the belly fat storing hormone that increases when you’re under stress, when you’re not sleeping and when you do long workouts.

By giving a bit of time, thought and effort to other areas of your life, you can naturally reduce cortisol levels so you’ll reap the benefits of your efforts in terms of training and good eating.

Sometimes fat loss can stall when other areas of your life are not in balance.

Now, I’m not one to have a perfectly balanced life, but I’m working on it!

Being aware that the stress from unhealthy relationships or overwork can effect your fat loss is reason to work on them. Knowing that a healthy spiritual life can decrease your stress and cortisol levels is motivation to give time to this too.

I’m all about ‘self care’ – Women take care of others but don’t always give themselves the same time and care.

Self care is NOT selfish, its self-respecting.

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