Tanking Metabolism? 3 SURPRISING Answers

I always get asked how to boost metabolism and whether metabolism actually  tanks after a certain age.

The fact is, lots of women blame a tanking metabolism on a shift in hormones but there can be something entirely different going on.

There could be a combination of 3 things at play:

As women age, we tend to have a shift in body composition.

Muscle is more metabolically active and burns more calories even at rest. When a woman loses some precious lean muscle tone, her body-shape can change and her calorie requirements can lower.

A high diet high in carbohydrates and processed foods can lead to something called insulin resistance.
If you suffer from this, you may feel brain fog, sleepiness, depression and increased hunger and other symptoms

Studies vary, but some say that as many as 24% of women suffer from hypothyroidism after a certain age. In fact it’s actually  the #1 cause of hormone imbalance in women.  If you feel fatigue, joint and muscle pain, dry skin, thinning hair and other symptoms, this maybe be your issue.

All three of these things mimic the symptoms of shifting hormones.

The good news is that while you can’t do much about shifting hormones, you can take action to take control of these issues.

There are some easy actions steps you can take to overcome these things.

I’d love for you to join me in a master class where I outline what you can do to solve these things. And when you do, you’ll feel like your old self again, or a new and improved version of you.

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