Traveling? I’ve Got You Covered!

I’m often asked: How Can I Stay on My Game While Traveling?

Travel can definitely throw you off your game, but it doesn’t need to derail you!

Here are a few tips to help you stay the course:

#1 Pack Your Attitude

Travel is not a reason to fall off the wagon. With a small attitude adjustment and a little planning, you can easily stay your fitness and nutrition course. You may need to accept less than perfect conditions, but you can definitely make things work with a little preparation.

#2 Pack Your Bags

Sounds obvious, right?
Remarkably, I’ve had a few clients that completely overlook packing workout shoes and training clothes. The good news is that you can usually pick something up on the road if need be, but who wants the added expense? Just pack your training clothes first.

#3 Pack Your Lunch

Admittedly, eating on the road can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why I typically arm myself with healthy snacks in my backpack. Here are a few ‘go to’ snacks that you’ll typically find in my travel bag:
Protein powder
Greens powder
Beef jerky
Protein bars (not a usual go to, but always good to have in a pinch)

It’s especially important to stay hydrated when traveling and easier to do so when you carry your own refillable water bottle. I’m very conscious of BPA exposure because BPA’s are associated with thyroid dysfunction. An easy way to avoid BPA’s is to avoid plastic water bottles.

#4 Pack Your Kit

When armed with body weight workouts, you’ve got all the equipment you need to have a great workout pretty much any where. If you need some direction, these video follow along workouts fit the bill perfectly, no matter what your fitness level.

To increase your workout variety, add a jump rope. You’ll always find a gym boss timer and a jump rope in my back pack.

I’ve got some free jump rope workouts to get you started and fall in love with your jump rope here.

In fact, I was stuck in an airport and did a jump rope workout right there:

Delay after delay in the San Fransisco airport, the for no apparent reason, had a 5:50 pm flight leaving at 7:20, then 9:15, then 9:40, then 9:50pm.

So rather than sit still, I did this:

45 seconds work, 10 second rest:

set 1 – Jump rope set 2 – push ups

20 total sets

*Now I don’t expect you to do your workout IN the airport, I’m just saying that you ‘could’ (if you’re a little crazy like me 😜)

#5 Pack Accountability

It’s funny how women tend to do things for others before themselves. That’s why having a coach or accountability partner is especially helpful (traveling or not).  Making sure to report in helps more than you can imagine.

I have several private coaching clients and online coaching groups. Checking in with my clients helps me stay on my game. After all, I can’t preach walking the walk if I’m not walking it myself.

If you know you have a challenging time ahead, or you’ll be traveling or under a lot of stress,  having some accountability is especially helpful.  I can help – just apply for my coaching program where women are getting amazing results. Take a look at how ladies are even dropping pounds and inches over the holidays:

Here’s a quick video review and a few more tips:


Safe travels to YOU – make your happy trails, healthy trails too, bring me along as your coach! Find out how here.