Busy? How to Make Healthy Choices No Matter What…


I get it!

The fact is, women like you and me are busier than EVER. We’re often

sandwiched between caring for our children and our aging parents. We have careers, hobbies, volunteering and commitment after commitment.

We need to find SIMPLE ways to add exercise to our day.

Most of all, we need to prioritize just a LITTLE time for ourselves.

So often the women I coach take care of EVERYONE else and they are the LAST person on the list. By giving yourself permission to take 15-20 minutes a day (or even every second day) to get in a little exercise or to de-stress (or fill in the blank of what you REALLY need), you’ll find that you can take care of others so much better.

Listen in to an interview I did for the Professional Women’s Weight and Wellness Symposium.

It’s an interview packed with DOABLE tips on how to take care of YOU.

You’ll also discover what type of exercise to do to get the MOST results in the LEAST amount of time to get the body you really desire.

I’ll share why you may be experiencing a drop in your metabolism and what you can do about it.

If you need a SOLID PLAN to start adding exercise to your busy day – you’ll find it here.