Scared to Sneeze or Laugh?

No one likes to talk about it, but ‘peeing your pants’ can be a real issue.
As women, we know it’s very common that a simple sneeze, giggle or (heaven forbid!) a jumping jack can leave a puddle in our pants 🙁
It doesn’t have to be that way though…
Meet my good friend, Sylvia Favela.
This is a picture of us doing a jumping jack just outside the mountain town of Banff this New Year’s.
And no, we didn’t pee our pants doing this jack 😉

You see, Sylvia is a Certified Pilates Practitioner and an expert at helping women prevent the dreaded ‘pee your pants’  issue.
What she teaches actually strengthens your core from the inside out so that you can avoid those embarrassing situations.
The added benefit of her program is that by doing it, you’ll also flatten, tighten and tone your belly in the process.
It was actually a horrific car wreck and then an interesting ‘accident’ that made Sylvia stumble upon this ‘pee your pants’ solution.
So, if you’re interested in ridding yourself of mini ‘puddles in your pants’ AND flattening your belly at the same time, then check out her story here.
Here’s to sneezing, laughing and jumping with confidence!