Why Your Resolutions Fail

Here’s just a snippet of me on Global Calgary News sharing what you’re going to discover…

The sad reality is that 92% of all fitness resolutions fail….Want to be part of the 8% that succeed? Read on…

Let’s break down why you may fail at your resolutions in the first place and a solution…


You may not be in touch with the REAL reason or your WHY you want to achieve something. The actual reason you want to achieve something might be different than what it appears on the surface. For example, do you want to lose weight or do you want your significant other to notice you again? Do you want to get fit or do you really want to keep up with your kids?

The going will get tough, if you know your WHY, it’s more likely that you’ll stay motivated and stick to your goals.


Often times, at the strike of midnight, many will blurt out a bunch of resolutions: ‘I’ll lose weight’, ‘I’ll start exercising’, ‘I’ll stop eating sugar’, ‘I’ll quit drinking wine’.

Sound familiar?

When you make either vague goals or take on too many goals, you’re bound to fail.

Instead, make a SMALL goal and then add to it when you see some success. For example, one superstar client, Diane (who lost 50+ lbs in 2016), started her journey by eliminating sugar in her coffee and tea. This was an easy to remember, doable goal that wasn’t overwhelming. Once she felt confident that she mastered that goal, she took another step towards her weight loss goal.


How will you know you’ve succeeded? Your goal must be measurable. Vague goals like ‘I’ll workout’ or ‘I’ll eat better’ are impossible to measure or know if you’ve really made any progress with.

Instead, set a goal that’s easy to be accountable for such as ‘I”ll exercise 3x a week’, or ‘I’ll eat a veggie at every meal’.


It takes 21 days to form a habit, so why not give yourself a deadline to achieve your small goal? You can adopt an ‘I can do anything for 21 days’ attitude. Once those 21 days pass and you’ve kept with that small goal, then you can add on another goal. In a year, you could make 17 resolutions to change when you do them in 21-day challenges.


Your success is much more probable when you have a support network. Surround yourself with positive people who will cheer you on and get a coach to hold your feet to the fire when you feel like stumbling.

If you have no one in your immediate surroundings, don’t discount the power of an online coach and community.


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