Pee Your Pants? [solution]

pee-your-pantsHave you experienced a sneezing or laughing attack and then come to realize you’ve pee’d your pants?
Most people think this is just part of getting older…It’s one of those touchy intimate subjects that many may complain about and no one thinks there’s a solution.
But there actually is something you CAN do about it.
The reason you have leakage when you laugh or sneeze is because you have a weak pelvic floor.
Luckily those muscles can be strengthened like any other.

You can use this exercise to work the core from the inside out.

This exercise will strengthen what’s called the corset muscles or pelvic girdle. You’ll experience:
∙ less back pain and stiffness
∙ a heightened sex life
∙ improved posture
∙ feeling slimmer
∙ more confidence

Remember the good old days when you laughed so hard your belly hurt?

Well now you can enjoy side splitting laughter without peeing your pants. All while getting the added benefit of
shrinking your waistline.
See for yourself in this special article below from my friend Sylvia…
==> STOP peeing your pants
PS. This form of exercise is NOT just for women.

Men experience pelvic floor weakness too. In addition, men tend to be less flexible and so this exercise improves range of motion resulting in performance improvement in things like golf and other sports.

Here’s a cool Pilates workout sample:

This is what we did:

Chest Lift Toe Taps
-interlace the fingers
-keep distance between the chin and chest
-keep feet up at a 90 degree angle, maintain the 90 degree angle
-touch the toes to the floor
-engage the pelvic floor
–tap the toes on the inhale, exhale as you lift the toes back up

Chest Lift Alternate Toe Taps
-keep the hips square to the floor
-keep the knee stacked on top of the hip

Chest Lift Leg Leg Extension
-Maintain 90 degree angle at the knee with the knees stacked over the hips
-Extend the legs out together
-Hinge at the knee so that the legs bend and straighten
-Ensure to keep the back pressed into the floor

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