Best Exercises for Women 40+

What do you do that scares you?

For me, it’s Facebook LIve….

The fact is, I feel compelled to get my message out there to women who need it (and we all know that plenty of women are on Facebook), even tho the whole ‘live’ aspect of doing video is pretty scary. The hardest part of doing live for me is just talking to a camera and not to a person – even if people are on the other end.

I have a ‘Mevo’ camera which is super cool because it pans in and out, but it makes it difficult to see any comments anyone is posting as I’m broadcasting.

This FB Live is definitely a work in progress – just want to find as many ways as I can to help women with their fitness and fat loss.

Here’s my 4th live attempt – I wanted to present some solid content on the best exercises for women to finally lose their menopause belly.

You can view on Facebook here. Feel free to comments and LOVE 😉


Here’s a summary of what you’ll discover in the video:


1.Stop steady state cardio

2.Do cardio bursts + resistance training

3.Do short & intense workouts

4.Do compound exercises

5.Have FUN!

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