Pilates = Core Work on Steriods

I’m pretty stubborn. I can be set in my training ways but I do try to stay open minded where training techniques are concerned. I know that there’s value to many training modalities.

The cool thing about Pilates is that less is really more.

My pal and master Pilates trainer, Sylvia, visited me recently and I grilled her about the benefits of Pilates here:

If you’re unconvinced about Pilates, try these moves that Sylvia took me through:

Here are some tips:

Chest Lift Toe Taps
-interlace the fingers
-keep distance between the chin and chest
-keep feet up at a 90 degree angle, maintain the 90 degree angle
-touch the toes to the floor
-engage the pelvic floor
–tap the toes on the inhale, exhale as you lift the toes back up

Chest Lift Alternate Toe Taps
-keep the hips square to the floor
-keep the knee stacked on top of the hip

Chest Lift Leg Leg Extension
-Maintain 90 degree angle at the knee with the knees stacked over the hips
-Extend the legs out together
-Hinge at the knee so that the legs bend and straighten
-Ensure to keep the back pressed into the floor

If you have a suspension trainer, here are two more cool moves for you:

Here are some tips to keep in mind for the suspension trainer exercises:

Core Roll-Up:
*Keep ribs pulled into the body and belly button pulled in.
*Legs are squeezing together as you roll up and down.
*Arms extended and straight.
*Control your move so you are not tumbling down.

Hip Openers
*Keep hips externally rotated while moving legs.
*Back extended at all times.
*Ribs pulled in and towards the body.
*Do not arch back while legs are moving.

If you want to get a strong core and challenge yourself with some intense body weight workouts, then you’ll want to tap into the exact secrets Sylvia knows.

Take a look at her Pilates program that’s the perfect compliment to any of my programs.