She lost 17 pounds then…{We Never Saw her Again}

Guest Post from Andrew Beatty

“Andrew, oh my god Andrew…I’ve lost 17 pounds”.  Holy crap I screamed, she gave me a high five and told me “I’m not going to stop until I’ve all this weight off me”.  I was so happy, just getting this girl to turn up the first day was a struggle.  Oh, by the way, I never saw her again.  I called, I text, I emailed, I Facebook messaged her.  I tried absolutely every form of contact you can think of and got NOTHING back.  What gives?  What happened?  I mean she did sign a 12 month contract.

Unfortunately for me I’m a really nice guy and cancelled her subscription so she wouldn’t be billed going forward.  Maybe I should have kept billing her?  It might have helped to get her back.  Who knows?  I doubt it though.

OK so what happened?  What is it that stopped this girl from keeping that feeling of elation, staying with us, losing the extra 100 pounds that she needed to lose and transforming her life?  That’s an easy one.  Her support structure; it didn’t exist.  Seriously, it was literally non-existent.  Not one single person in her life outside of me was supporting her.  How do I know this?  She pretty much told me.


“My partner needs to lose so much weight.  She doesn’t care though and she doesn’t help me get to the gym or with my diet or anything.  I mean, she eats junk in front of me all the time”


That’s the sort of life she was dealing with at home.  I felt like crying for her, or at least going to her house and smacking some sense into her partner.  Hey, don’t be silly I would never smack someone, I’m a grown boy.:P

A support structure is so important for you in any walk of life.  If you want something and those people around you don’t support you, I promise you one thing; you might get it but you’re gonna have a mighty hard time getting it.  Take me for example; I’m in my second year of business.  I had so many great intentions for my first year.  I thought this and that were going to happen and i was going to take over the world. I’m afraid it didn’t quite happen like that.  I’ve made more money in the past four months that in my entire first 14 months in business.  What gives?  That’s easy.  My support structure sucked.  Nobody understood what I wanted and nobody supported me to help me get what I wanted.  What’s changed?  My support network.  I hang out with like minded people now.  I’ve banished the leeches from my life and I’ve never looked back.


The same goes for you.  Have you got people holding you back in your life?  Are they standing in the way of the body of your dreams?  I’ll be you do.  I’ll bet that you’ve got so many people standing in your way, telling you that you can’t do it or that you shouldn’t do it that is sounds normal at this stage.

You probably even believe them a little, right?

Anyway, that girl I told you about?  I checked her out on Facebook yesterday and by the looks of things she’s up at least another 50 pounds.  That’s in just 9 weeks.  Crazy eh?  Upsetting too.  I reached out to her again, hopefully it works out this time.

Make a decision on what you want.  Tell everyone around you that you need their support to achieve this.  If you think someone is going to be super negative about it then don’t tell them and start shutting them out of your life.

Make baby steps.  If you think getting to a gym or a boot camp is too tough right now, that’s OK.  Just do 4-5 minutes of exercise at home.  You don’t even have to do it everyday.  Every other day will do just fine for now.  Commit to this.  Do it for the next few weeks.  Guess what’s going to happen?  After about 6 or 7 workouts you’ll be hooked.  You’ll love working out.  You’ll want to work out harder.  You’ll want to get to bed earlier at night so you can get up and work out in the morning.  All these subconscious decisions are bound to happen.  It’s just a matter of how soon.  Forget the thought that you need to spend hours at the gym.  Forget the thought that you need to eat 6 or 7 meals a day and you can never eat a piece of cake again.  Hell, I polished off a full tub of Ben n’ Jerry’s last night.  I’m still looking pretty good.  Fat loss isn’t about deprivation.  Fat loss isn’t about saying no all the time.  Fat loss isn’t about taking over your life and going to the gym every spare moment.  It’s meant to be enjoyable.  It’s meant to fit into your life.  It’s not meant to take over.  Burning fat and getting in great shape is so simple when you know how.  You can read about that here.

Here, try this workout.  

  1. Body weight Squat
  2. Total Body Extension
  3. Push Up
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. Reverse Lunge
  6. Crucifix Squat Hold


Do each exercise for 20 seconds with no rest between exercises and repeat it one more time for a total of 4 minutes.  This is a great workout to start with.  Best part?  It will just take 4 minutes.


Think you can do this?  Do you think that you can stick to some form of exercise for the next 30 days?  Do you think that you can do more than my client?  I’ll be you can.  I’ll bet the only thing standing in your way at this point in time is your own head.


6 Steps to Change Your Life Today

Here are 6 tips that will dramatically improve your life, your weight and your health over the next 30 days too.  These are the exact steps a client of mine has been following over the past 30 days to finally give her the confidence to collect her own child from school.  Tell me you’re not upset by that?

  1. She cut out the bottle of wine before bed.  This allowed her to succeed at step 2.
  2. She got up twenty minutes before her kids to make a breakfast for herself.  A breakfast that would keep her full for the morning, reduce her stress levels and make her morning routine with the kids a hell of a lot easier.
  3. She started making dinner at home for her family every other day.  Not every day just yet, she did this slowly and after about 5 days she found herself eager to get home from work to cook dinner for her kids and herself.
  4. She made extra food at dinner and brought it to work the next day for lunch.
  5. Oh, and she went to bed an hour earlier.  How?  Easy, she scrapped the TV at night, scurried up to bed, read a book.  After about 8 years she’s finally sleeping well through the night and waking up refreshed for probably the first time in her life.
  6. Did I forget to say that she worked out for JUST 4 MINUTES per day in the second week and every other day in the first week.  We’ve increased that since and she’s actually coming to my boot camp which is a huge achievement.

That’s it.  That’s the 6 step process to changing your entire life starting TODAY.  Let me know how it goes for you.  I get super excited about your success stories.

For more on transforming your life check out Fat Loss For Busy Parents here.

Committed to Your Success

Andrew Beatty