Moving Day + No Equipment Workouts

Peachland moving day workout

Sometimes you’re just stuck with your body weight. I was out in Kelowna moving my Dad into a retirement home. Before the day got started and the weather got too hot, I busted out a workout each morning.

You can always fit 20 minutes of fitness in if you really want.

Here were my workouts that you can feel free to use if you’re ever in a similar situation:

Do It Dock Workout

45 seconds of work/10 seconds recovery

  • Jump rope
  • Push ups
  • Prisoner Squat
  • Burpee
  • Plank
  • 5 rounds

2015-07-04 09.06.37









Here was my second workout:

Hella Hills

(Find a good hill) Sprint up hill, walk/jog return – 10 rounds

*I did 10 pull ups on the edge of a walkway at the bottom between hill sprints, but you can do anything – a 30 sec plank, 10 push ups, whatever your space allows or your heart desires 😉

hella hill workout









*Side Note #1: Whenever I put pull ups in a workout, I often get questions like this one from Christina:

I recently ordered the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge Program and so far, I absolutely love it.  Do you have any suggested substitutions for the pull-up or assisted pull-up as I don’t have anywhere in my home to do pull ups..  I would say that I am on the advanced fitness level so any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks. (Christina)

Here’s what I have to say to that:
As for exercise substitutions for the pull up, I mention lots of options in the follow along videos that I’ve created for you, but here are your best bets:
–>inverted row
–>suspension row (TRX or suspension trainer)
–>lat pull down (if you have access to a gym, which would likely mean they have a pull up bar)
–>bent over dumb bell row
–>bent over bar bell row
–>wall stick up (less intense but if you have no DB/BB’s of any sort, these will help, also prisoner style squats/lunges etc)
–>chest supported dumb bell row

*Check out this blog post for more back training options. This blog post has lots of links to actual back exercises that you can use instead of pull ups if you need options.

*Side Note #2: I get asked all the time how to stay strong and lean even though I’m 52 years old. Truth is, I use the science of muscle metabolism acceleration (M2A) to make this happen.

Here are the basic principles of my workouts:

  • I pair strength training paired with ANAEROBIC SHORT BURST training to burn MORE calories.21DFL_group
  • I train to create lactic acid and growth hormone production which increases fat loss and promotes lean muscle tone.
  • The result is that this builds shapely, sexy muscle tone that will burn MORE calories EVEN AT REST.

I can help you with training videos that:

  • Are scientifically based 20-minute (or less) video follow along workouts that can be done at home or on holiday.
  • Are suitable for you if you enjoy a challenge (but workouts can be modified or intensified).
  • Avoid ‘steady state’ cardio at all costs.

If you want more workouts, ones you can follow along with me and use these principles, then check the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge.

As for me, I’ll be happy to return home feeling satisfied that my Dad and his wife are feeling more settled in their new digs. My Dad is a trooper and has come a long way to recover from his stroke from six months ago. I really want him to fully enjoy this new place. They’re situated right outside a huge deck where he’s already planted a vegetable garden. He’s excited that he can go to the gym and to the wood shop. My step mom went and bought a new swim suit for the pool. I’m so proud of them for making this move. It was a pleasure to be able to help them. It’s never an issue to find 20 minutes to train where ever I am, but I must admit I miss the kids and Sev (who I hear ate 3 lbs of sausages off the counter at the place he was staying and had explosive diarrhea as a result – I’m not sad to miss those good times 🙂 )

Dad + 3 kids <===Here we are, myself, my Dad, my brother Terry and my sister Shannon. It was nice to work as a team to help him out.