The BIG Shift (book recommendation)

Here we are on the brink of summer…

How has your winter training gone? (You know that summer bodies are built in the winter…)

Have you given it your all?

Did you leave some effort on the table? Have you been able to transform your habits so that you can see evidence of this in your energy and physique?

I know that some people may have lost steam, given up, self sabotaged and may now proclaim that ‘working out just didn’t work for me’.

I hope this isn’t you, but if there were elements of this, it’s NOT too late to make a change to enjoy the health benefits of exercise and good nutrition AND a better looking body that’s just under the surface.

What I want to talk to all of you about today is the BIG SHIFT that takes place when we go from amateur to pro in any part of our lives…

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I’ve seen several clients that are out of shape trying different diets for a period of time. Some would give up on, others would see it though for the 6, 8, or 12 weeks and actually achieve great results, and then go back to old habits of eating poorly then gaining it all back again.

Sorry – an amateur move.

It happens with workouts, too.

They’d workout hard and consistently for a 6-12 week program and then at the end they’d slack off, miss workouts, not push as hard and get back out of shape.

Again, an amateur move.

Gay Hendricks, the author of The Big Leap would call this “upper limiting” yourself – basically not allowing yourself to reach your full potential of success, happiness and achievement by putting an upper limit on your success. This usually comes from a place of lack of self-confidence or self-worth.

In fact, a shift can’t happen until you learn the secret (which I’m going to share with you here) and apply it into your life.

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That’s the other thing about the big shift… you may know what to do, but you’ll never achieve the results or ‘turn pro’ until you apply what you know. And to apply things, you simply have to believe you’re worth it and that you deserve it.

So then what’s the secret?

The secret is to go from haphazard to habits.

Inconsistent to consistent.

Informal to rituals.

See, for most people whether it relates to dieting, working out, relationship or career, the best outcome is going to be had by turning pro and leaving your amateur ways behind. And the pro thing to do is to be consistent, create and follow your success rituals until they become instinctive daily habits like brushing your teeth.

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It’s okay to start new habits for periods of time… maybe you started a challenge to get into better shape.

Did you grab one of my programs? This is a great way to set a goal and achieve it. (You can see all the Challenge workout programs here.)

But the REAL success will come from turning those “informal” periods of consistency into lifelong rituals and habits that multiply the results, outcome, and happiness that you’re looking for.

That’s the secret to success in health, career, great relationships too – give it your all, not just in the “honeymoon” period, but all of the time, every time.

Look at your initial challenge as a taste of the what a new hot and healthy body looks and feels like.

Embrace these new habits and make them a part of your new success rituals.










That’s the big secret to success that the top 5% of the super achievers on this planet know; when you realize that real and lasting success will be yours once you go from living like an amateur to operating like a pro by making your success habits a part of your daily rituals.

I highly recommend you read Gay Hendricks ‘The Big Leap‘. It’s an easy read and if you’re ready to ‘go pro’ it will inspire you to change your lifestyle and habits for good. This isn’t a fitness book, it’s a mindset book.

Change your mindset about YOURSELF and you can change your physique.

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