Pilates Finisher

shawna+lisaWant to strengthen your core and back and get a toned stomach? Forget crunches and sit-ups. They not only won’t get you the results you’re after, you’re quite likely to hurt your back and damage your spine.

<===Meet my publishing partner, Lisa Bullock.

Lisa and I have been working together for a couple years. She’s a down to earth, ‘kick in the pants’ funny fit pro that really knows her stuff.

What I like best about Lisa (well, it’s hard to pick exactly), but one of the things is that she truly understands the plight of women, particularly women in their 40’s and 50’s and she has sensible solutions.

This is no exception. Keep reading and she’ll share an awesome (horrible) workout that she put me through that you’ll love (hate).

Here’s what she has to say about your core:

We want to build a strong core – that’s all the muscles, not just your “six pack” muscles (rectus abdominis) and we want all those core muscles to work together to stabilize the spine and provide strength and stability as the body moves and rotates around it.

We need to exercise the important core muscles that wrap around the torso, lie alongside the spine, and to the sides of the core. And that’s what you’ll get with this ab finisher – a smarter way to train your abs as part of a full body workout.

Here’s a quick but comprehensive Pilates inspired core workout you can use at the end of your workout or for an off-day short workout.

Set your timer for 45 seconds of work with 10 secs transition time.

Side Hover Right
Side Hover Left
Side Raise with Pulse Left
Side Raise with Pulse Right
Leg Raises
Lying Alternating Single Leg Extensions
Rotating Plank

Check your set up and technique and ensure there is no twisting at the lumbar spine – rotation comes from the feet or upper back, not the lower back.

Try and maintain a neutral spine with all exercises. Imagine that you are standing tall through the crown of your head, ears directly above your shoulders and shoulder blades pulled gently down your back. You’ll maintain a gentle abdominal bracing and that means you can breathe comfortably while pulling your belly button towards your spine. Your hips should be ever so slightly tucked (don’t stick your tail out).

If you’re looking for some more follow along Pilates inspired workouts,


check this out.

This program is from Lisa and our Female Fat Loss Solution line up.

You’ll love (hate!) these workouts as you follow along with Lisa in the videos. Use them alone or at the end of any other workout to tighten and tone your mid-section.

As a seasoned vet of exercise, you know that a strong core is not JUST about a six-pack, it’s also about pain free moving and functional fitness. A strong core will ensure that you can do EVERYTHING, from lifting heavy things to carrying groceries to your favorite sports better.