Life is Better When You’re Strong

Are you recovering from an exciting weekend?

I hope so, but I hope the excitement was all about doing cool things (versus ‘drinking cool’ things).

Shawna balance

For me,  I tried ‘slack lining’  for the first time this weekend ====>


Good fun, but I definitely need to have more practice before I run away and join the circus =)

My point in sharing this picture is not to notify ‘circus head hunters’ on my reader list, but to remind you that by training regularly, you can be more confident in your abilities to do fun things like this.

It’s ‘unlikely’ that Cirque du Soleil will come knocking at my door, but, man we had fun fooling around on this slack line. I was happy to be playing instead of watching (like some others were doing).

Part of being functionally fit is simply being STRONG.

I know this sounds easy enough, but it takes work, daily dedication in fact, to keep your strength up (especially as we age).

A side benefit of strength is it makes it easy to build muscle and lose fat too…So you’re not only just ‘strong’, but you look awesome as well =)

So what’s one of the best ways to get stronger?

I’ve recently met a fella who’s shared the DUP Method with me.

His name is Jason Maxwell and he’s a trained rocket scientist turned fitness professional (no joke). He’s a science geek to say the least…

He studied training methods of Eastern Europeans in the 1950’s-80’s because they were, by far, the best weightlifters in the world. They used the same lifts 3-6 times a week and got SUPER strong quickly.

The DUP Method he developed is a systemized approach to this high frequency training. Jason took what worked and threw out what didn’t.

Check out==> the DUP Method here.

This is really only for those of you that are seasoned gym rats, like me. Part of the protocol is that you’d train a lift 3 times a week, once for strength, once for power and once for functional hypertrophy.

For example, take the bench press (one of may favorite lifts), here’s a sample schedule:

  • Day 1 (Strength) – 4 sets of 4
  • Day 2 (Power) – 5 sets of 3
  • Day 3 (Functional Hypertrophy) – 4 sets of 8

The reason this works is because you’re training three different strength qualities which simple lead to more strength and more muscle. This works even better than linear training (such as the 5×5 protocol I’ve shared with you).







So if you’re interested in becoming stronger, have lots of training background and have access to traditional gym equipment, you’ll want to check this DUP Method out.

You’ll get $70 off and a bonus the ‘Bigger Bench Press’ Check List free today (Monday, June 8th).

The check list includes things like how gear and execution will immediately bump up your bench – cool and easy tips to max your bench. Sign me up! – I know I’m not the typical girl when this is something that I get excited about!

Read about the DUP Method here.

And if the DUP Method isn’t up your alley, maybe some circus training like slack lining is 😉